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Winning Ads Creative: Vol 1 - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop
Winning Ads Creative: Vol 1 - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

Winning Ads Creative: Vol 1

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Swipe our 5 top-performing ads and use our fill-in-the-blank templates to test them for yourself.
Conversion focused
Completely customizable
Use multiple times
Created by pros

Sneak peek

Sneak peek

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ads are included?

There are three short video ads (with additional text), one text-based ad, and one ad that includes a video testimonial.

They are all “conversion ads,” designed to make sales. The call-to-action is a link to the landing page for our low-ticket product (an on-demand workshop). 

Four of the ads are “top of funnel” ads, meaning that they’re intended to be someone’s first exposure to our brand. One of the ads is a retargeting ad, for people who clicked over to our landing page but didn’t purchase.

And all of them were originally run on Facebook.

Could I use these ads to grow my list?

Absolutely! We built our entire email list with ads like these. We pay more per subscriber, since we’re running ads for a paid product instead of a free lead magnet. But this way, we’re “liquidating” our ad spend and filling our list with buyers (not just freebie-seekers). 

Do these ads only work on Facebook?

You could easily run these ads on Instagram instead of Facebook!

Adapting them to any other platform (YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) would be more difficult. 

Will this include training on how to run ads?

Nope! This isn’t a paid traffic course, so we won’t be teaching you how to manage Ads Manager or set up the tech side of ads.

Our goal is to give you access to our most profitable ads, show you real-life examples of working ads, and give you templates so you can write your own ads in minutes.

Can I use these ads if I’m not selling a workshop?

Yep! We originally used these ads to promote our low-ticket workshop.

But if we were promoting our templates, checklists, challenges, or any other low-ticket product…we would use these exact same ad formats!

I own some of your other products. Would I already have access to these templates?

We offered these templates as an upgrade for our Launch With Ads workshop in September 2023. If you purchased that upgrade, you already have access to these templates.

You bring your expertise, your stories, and your one-of-a-kind perspective — and we’ll give you flexible templates that work.