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The Process - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop
The Process - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

The Process

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The secret corner of the internet for business owners who want our direct help to sell more of their digital products & upgrade more of their buyers.

Select your Membership Plan:

If you’re a freedom-focused business owner who’s building awesome workshops, guides, or digital downloads...

…you’re in the right place.

(especially if you’re looking for feedback on your funnels or ideas for turning your low-ticket buyers into high-ticket clients)

We’ve sold 22,000 copies of our low-priced digital products over the last 3 years and we’ve tested every marketing strategy under the sun — paid ads, affiliates, live challenges, Facebook Groups, evergreen funnels, and more. 

We know how frustrating it is to create a helpful product and then...

  • Struggle to get sales 
  • Struggle to get people to actually use the product
  • Struggle to get buyers into your bigger offers

More than anything, we know what it’s like to go back to the drawing board and start over on a new product idea — because we couldn’t get the first one to convert.

So we created an inner-circle for the digital product creator who wants to make their products better, reach more people with their work, and turn more buyers into long-term clients.

(without relying on short-term marketing gimmicks or fake “TODAY ONLY” deadlines)

Get our expert help on every part of your customer journey, from your digital product landing page to your upgrade invitations.

Stop guessing — and see behind the scenes of our own digital products, paid traffic funnels, upsell pages, conversion numbers, etc.

And join conversations with other product creators who are testing marketing & upgrade strategies in the trenches every single week.

The Process is our secret clubhouse for business owners who want to sell more digital products & upgrade more buyers.


Weekly Office Hours to get our help with your offers, copy, marketing assets, and product ideas.


Behind-the-scenes insights from our promotions, where we share real data & numbers.


Video breakdowns of our sales pages, our upsells, our products, our top performing ads, affiliate promos, you name it.


Founders conversations where we share recordings of us talking through funnel decisions, new product ideas, etc.

Stop second-guessing your next move & start getting support from two business owners who are reviewing data from hundreds of digital products every single week (psst…that’s us!)

Real talk

You can absolutely do this alone. You can track down tutorials on YouTube, spend cash on testing different ad strategies, and “funnel hack” your way through figuring out the right upgrade path for your offers.

But if you want us to personally help you sell your digital product + design an upgrade path that brings clients into your bigger offers — we're ready to help you.

Ready for hands-on support to sell & scale your low-ticket digital products — from people who are successfully selling & scaling their own digital products every single day?


The Process

Get weekly feedback & guidance to sell more copies of your digital products and upgrade more buyers into your bigger offers.

Start your membership today and get instant access to our ever-growing vault of behind-the-scenes conversations & funnel breakdowns.

Join us for weekly Office Hours to get real-time coaching, feedback, and guidance on whatever you’re working on with your digital product or upgrade path.

Stay up to date, easily — by watching time-stamped replays, skimming through the searchable transcripts, or listening to the podcast feed (if you prefer audio to video.)

Hop into the private community group to connect with other digital product creators who are sharing wins, testing new strategies, & swapping ideas.

Get support for your entire digital product journey — from coming up with offer ideas to designing the right upgrade path for your unique buyers.

You probably don’t need another course or program.

You just need a place where you can ask real-time questions as you refine your digital product, scale your sales, and upgrade your buyers into your bigger offers…    

…and get answers from in-the-trenches experts who are testing & optimizing their own low-priced digital offers every single day.

Welcome to The Process.

The Process

The secret corner of the internet for business owners who want our direct help to sell more of their digital products & upgrade more of their buyers.

Your membership includes:

  • Weekly Office Hours for coaching with Sarah & Justin
  • Access to an ever-growing portal of behind-the-scenes videos 
  • Private community group for discussion & questions

What if I don’t just sell low-ticket digital products in my business — will this still be helpful?

Good news! The Process is full of folks who sell digital products and a wide variety of other offers in their business…including courses, masterminds, memberships, programs, VIP Days, services, and live events. 

They’re using our support to sell more copies of their front-end digital products and then upgrade those buyers into their bigger offers.

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to our behind-the-scenes portal where you can actually see how we’re personally using our low-priced digital products to bring more clients into our bigger offers, too!

What can you expect after you join?

7 days

Get instant access to the behind-the-scenes portal — and use the “themed playlists” or “searchable video” feature to find updates that are relevant to you.

Watch us optimize our digital product upsells, make changes to one of our products, or review our highest-converting post-purchase emails!

30 days

Join us for an Office Hours call and get our real-time feedback on your digital product idea, your sales page, your upgrade emails, or anything else!

Walk away with clear action steps that are based on what we’re testing & seeing with hundreds of digital products right now.

90 days

Connect with other business owners inside The Process who are working on similar product funnels, designing similar upgrade paths, or serving similar audiences.

Learn from what they’re testing right now & swap notes on what strategies are working for you.

365 days

Celebrate milestones with us — as you scale your digital products sales and continue to refine your funnel and upgrade process.

And relax, knowing that you don’t have to figure out your next steps alone. We’ve got your back. 

Joining us inside The Process >
Hiring us as consultants

If you wanted us to personally refine your digital product offer, create your product funnel, and design an upgrade path into your signature offer…that would set you back $20,000+. 

But inside this membership? You get our feedback, recommendations, and insights on every part of your offer.

PLUS everything else — from the 24/7 community to the behind-the-scenes access to our own product funnels. 

So hop into The Process for less than the cost of a latte per day. 

It’s the best way to get support from us & create a digital product that fuels the rest of your business…all at the best possible price.

Can I join for a quarter and then cancel?

Yep! Absolutely. You can cancel any time you want by sending us an email & we’ll close your account with no questions asked. 

But the people who get the most out of The Process stay for at least 6 months.

Because optimizing a digital product, scaling sales, and getting upgrades isn’t a quick sprint. It’s a process — pun very much intended.

And most of our members aren’t just looking to get a few extra product sales.

They’re making a long-term commitment to designing an intentional product that helps real humans, brings perfect-fit clients into their world, and fuels every area of their business.  

So you’re always free to leave. But if you find that The Process gives you exactly what you need to scale your digital product & upgrade ideal clients, we hope you’ll stay.

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