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List Revival Sequence - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop
List Revival Sequence - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

List Revival Email Sequence

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Haven’t emailed in a while? Bring your list back to life with this email sequence that gets subscribers excited, engaged, and eager to hear more.
Conversion focused
Completely customizable
Use multiple times
Created by pros

What if you could win back your subscribers’ hearts with a few story-based emails?

With our List Revival Sequence, you get six proven email templates that’ll make you the favorite name in their inbox again.

Sneak peek

Sneak peek

The Process - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

Easy to use.

Proven to work.

We’ve sold over 22,000 copies of our digital products since 2020, which means we’ve tested hundreds of ads, posts, emails, and sales pages.

And along the way, our inbox has filled up with comments like “your email made my day” or “I felt like your sales page was written just for me.” 

So in 2021, we started helping our clients turn our best posts & emails into content for their own brands — in niches like pet training, parenting, education, and mindset.

And now, we’ve created fill-in-the-blank templates so small business owners like you can write emails, posts, and pages that work…while also sounding like a real human who cares.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve bought some of your courses. Is it possible I already have access to this template pack?

Welcome back, first of all! And, no — this is a brand new email sequence that is only available right here! 

Do I need special software to set up this email sequence?

Not at all! This email sequence doesn’t require any automations, fancy tech, or complicated features. All you need is an email service provider & an email list that needs a little TLC. ;) 

I email my list regularly — can I still use this sequence?

Not really. Most of the emails in this sequence are story-based, and the whole premise is that you’re sharing lessons or stories from your “email hiatus.”

Will these emails work in my niche?

Absolutely! This sequence is incredibly flexible, and you definitely don’t need to be in a “business-y” or money-making niche. In fact, the sample emails inside this template kit feature a coach who works with homeschooling families.

You said these emails are “spicy” — that makes me nervous!

Here’s the thing. If you want to get cold subscribers to open your emails & get re-invested in your work, you can’t afford to be boring. You have to bring fresh stories, compelling insights, and bold opinions that stand out from the crowd. That’s just the way it works! 

The good news is, you can do that in a way that fits your personality & your brand. 

So don’t worry — you don’t have to be brash, crude, or scandalous. Not at all! That’s not what these templates are about.

You just have to be willing to share what you really think, address the hot topics inside your niche, and tell real behind-the-scenes stories from your own journey.

Is there any last heads up I should have about these emails?

You can’t win back your subscribers with boring emails that sound like everyone else in your industry. So, fair warning: these emails are spicy! Do NOT download these templates unless you’re willing to share some hot takes, personal stories, and in-the-trenches insights.

Ready to turn your cold list into a community of raving fans & eager buyers — with a few simple emails?

Download our fill-in-the-blank templates and start your own “list revival” today!

(psst…these templates are a whole lot cheaper than building a brand new list from scratch)

You bring your expertise, your stories, and your one-of-a-kind perspective — and we’ll give you flexible templates that work.