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Abandoned Cart Sequence - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop
Abandoned Cart Sequence - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

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Turn “almost buyers” into happy customers with a simple email sequence that re-introduces your offer, addresses common objections, and reminds people to complete their purchase.
Conversion focused
Completely customizable
Use multiple times
Created by pros

What if you could recover missed sales opportunities by setting up one simple email automation?

With our Abandoned Cart Email Sequence, you get five friendly follow-up emails that encourage “almost buyers” to finish their purchase.

Sneak peek

Sneak peek

The Process - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

Easy to use.

Proven to work.

We’ve sold over 22,000 copies of our digital products since 2020, which means we’ve tested hundreds of ads, posts, emails, and sales pages.

And along the way, our inbox has filled up with comments like “your email made my day” or “I felt like your sales page was written just for me.” 

So in 2021, we started helping our clients turn our best posts & emails into content for their own brands — in niches like pet training, parenting, education, and mindset.

And now, we’ve created fill-in-the-blank templates so small business owners like you can write emails, posts, and pages that work…while also sounding like a real human who cares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special software to set up this email sequence?

You need to be using checkout page software that captures people’s emails even if they don’t complete their purchase. If your checkout page doesn’t capture that info, it’s obviously impossible to send follow-up emails to their inbox.

If you’re not sure if your current checkout page software has that functionality, send a quick message to their support! Ask them if it’s possible to send abandoned cart emails & they’ll be able to let you know.

Does this include tech training on how to set up an abandoned cart email sequence?


Because there are dozens of different checkout page softwares and email service provider softwares, this doesn’t include detailed tech instructions for specific platforms.

Check with support for functionality you might be interested in, including when to send the emails, who to send the emails to, and how to “trigger” the sequence.

Will these emails work for my niche?

Absolutely! This is one of our most flexible email sequences and the templates can easily be customized — whether you help people with their health, relationships, business, hobbies, or any other area of their life.

Can I use this email sequence for any type of offer?

Yes! This isn’t just for workshops or low-ticket products. You can use this Abandoned Cart Email Sequence for courses, memberships, programs, events, etc.

You could even use this sequence for people who start booking a sales call or start filling out an application and then don’t complete the process. Instead of reminding them to purchase, you’ll simply remind them to finish the booking process or application process.

Ready to turn more lurkers into buyers with a simple automated Abandoned Cart Email Sequence?

Download our fill-in-the-blank templates and you could be reclaiming lost sales by the end of the day.

(pssst…you can probably cover the cost of this template with 1 saved sale!)

You bring your expertise, your stories, and your one-of-a-kind perspective — and we’ll give you flexible templates that work.