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Our story

Where we started

Justin spent over a decade creating incredible workshops, digital products, and membership communities — and hiring expensive copywriters to handle the marketing. 

Sarah spent years as a professional copywriter — writing promos for some of the biggest names in the online industry. 

And in 2020, we joined forces to help business owners create & sell simple digital products.

What we've learned

We’ve now sold over 22,000 copies of our own digital products since 2020…

…which means we’ve tested HUNDREDS of emails, ads, social media posts, and sales pages.

Plus, we’ve helped 12,000+ business owners all over the world launch workshops & trainings (in niches like parenting, health, pet training, art, cooking, and digital marketing).  

Every single day, we get to see what’s working AND what’s not working right now.

And we’re packaging all those insights up into powerful templates that you can use to grow your business today.

Why templates

You have something awesome to offer the world, whether you teach watercolor painting or real estate investing. 

And you shouldn’t have to hire a $5k copywriter or spend your day battling writer’s block to get your work out into the world!

We want to make it easier for you to get the right people into your offers. 

So if you bring your expertise, your stories, and your one-of-a-kind perspective…we’ll give you flexible templates that work.

Our process

We don’t create our templates from thin air.

Every single template starts out as a real-life high-converting post, ad, email, or page — from our business or one of our clients.

Then, Sarah takes that proven asset and breaks it down into a high-level outline. Next, she works with another writer on our team to turn it into a template that’s flexible enough to work for any niche.

Finally, we “test drive” each template to make sure it’s easy to customize for your unique business.

Who we are

Justin & Michelle live outside Toronto, Ontario, with their two boys. When Justin isn’t designing our site or dreaming up our next offer, you can probably find him researching his next garden project or organizing his LEGO collection.

Sarah & Jonathan live outside Nashville, Tennessee. Sarah spends most of her time wrangling Google Docs and filling up Moleskine journals with content ideas, and she’s also known for her obsession with sourdough pastries and local farmers markets.

Thanks for being here.

— Justin, Sarah, Michelle, and the
entire Wake Up To Freedom team