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Low Ticket Made Easy - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop
Low Ticket Made Easy - Wake Up To Freedom Template Shop

Low Ticket Made Easy

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Turn an existing file sitting on your computer into a gotta-have-it low-ticket digital product.

You’ve spent years studying & practicing your expertise — whether you’re a digital marketer, a sourdough bread baker, or a parenting coach.

Now it’s time to turn your “notes” into a best-selling digital product.

These are some of our "old" products and ideas packaged up into low-ticket digital products

The million dollar question

Is it even possible to launch a popular low-ticket product — just by “packaging up” an old file or training from the past? 

Spoiler alert: yes, yes it is.

Picture this

You wave a magic wand and...

Now, we may not have a magic wand for you, but…

Here’s how you can create a digital product in a single day with the Low Ticket Made Easy method:

Use our “hidden product” prompts to find a file on your computer that addresses a burning question in your niche.

Usually this is something super simple, like a checklist, a calendar, a set of screenshots, etc.

Follow our simple instructions to turn your file into a polished & packaged product.

(Hint: we keep this part super-duper simple, because we’ve found that people actually love raw, real, “from the vault” products)

Steal our fill-in-the-blank announcement templates to get people excited, invested, and lining up to buy your new low-ticket digital product — most of these are just a few sentences long!

That’s right!

You can launch a digital product that helps people, brings in buyers, and builds your reputation...

Yep, this might be the best news you hear all week…

When you know how to turn an existing asset into a popular product, you can easily launch a brand digital product in a single afternoon!

Want to be celebrating your brand new low-ticket product by the end of the week?


Low Ticket Made Easy

Download our step-by-step guide, set up your low-ticket product in less than 2 hours, and celebrate the easiest launch ever! 

Here’s what we cover inside Low Ticket Made Easy

  1. How to find “hidden products” in your computer files, even if your business is brand new
  2. The #1 mistake people make with low-ticket offers…and why it leads to boring hard-to-sell products
  3. Product ideas for all different niches — from health, to relationships, to spirituality, to hobbies, to business
  4. 20 different proven product formats (including templates, checklists, calendars, etc.)
  5. Over a dozen title formulas to come up with a scroll-stopping title for your product
  6. The only thing you need to do to turn your existing file into a helpful product that people will love
  7. The 8-sentence “teaser post” we use to get people excited about our products before they’re even ready
  8. Why selling a file from your “personal vault” gives you a free pass to be more casual & unpolished
  9. How to sell your low-ticket offer with a ridiculously simple payment link or checkout (we never create a long sales page for our low-ticket offers till after we’ve sold 500+ copies) 
  10. Our recommended pricing strategy for low-ticket offers — and why it’s different in different niches

Plus you’ll get these time-saving bonus templates:

3 Proven Promo Templates

Get people excited for your brand new product with our proven social media & email templates — you can fill in the blanks in just a few minutes!


Low Ticket Made Easy

Download our step-by-step guide, set up your low-ticket product in less than 2 hours, and celebrate the easiest launch ever! 

Hey! We’re Sarah & Justin — chill business owners who love creating helpful products & keeping things ASAP (as simple as possible). 

In the last three years, we’ve sold 22,000 copies of our digital products.  And most of ‘em started as files that were collecting dust on Google Drive! 

We released Low Ticket Made Easy to help business owners launch digital products, make sales, and become known in their niche — without wasting years creating over-polished products that miss the mark. 

By our last count, we’ve helped over 11,000 folks come up with a digital product that’ll bring ideal buyers into their community.

If you’re ready to create your own, grab Low Ticket Made Easy today and make it happen in just a few hours!

Worried that none of your existing files are “good enough” to be a digital product?  

You’re not alone!

Hundreds of clients have told us: “I don’t have anything valuable in my personal computer files.” 

The thing is, we’ve helped every single one of them find a solid product on their phone, their Google Drive, or their laptop.

You have to realize…

People aren’t looking for polished courses these days. They’re looking for real-life resources from in-the-trenches experts.

We’ve seen people sell:

  • a PDF of cheap screen-free activities for toddlers (they’re a parenting influencer)
  • the exact supplements they took during a 7-day fast + a diary of how they felt each day (they’re a fitness coach)
  • iPhone videos of them touring 10 different tiny homes and giving commentary on the design (they sell tiny house plans)
  • and hundreds of other simple unpolished products

And the good news is…we created Low Ticket Made Easy to guide you step-by-step through finding a product hiding in your existing files.

You’ll even get 20 different product ideas & format recommendations for different niches.

We’ve got your back. :)


Low Ticket Made Easy

Download our step-by-step guide, set up your low-ticket product in less than 2 hours, and celebrate the easiest launch ever! 

Hop in with confidence, ‘cause you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. 

The truth is, we’ve all been let down by stuff we bought online. It’s just the way it is these days!

We want you to grab Low Ticket Made Easy and get your product launched with zero worries, so we’ve set up a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

This isn’t just about showing you how we turn computer files into cash (though that’s certainly fun)

It’s about showing you how to create simple products that give you more freedom.

And that’s who this is really for — freedom-loving business owners who want to help more people, expand their impact, and bring in more clients. Without having to be online 24/7.  

We’ll never forget the first time we woke up to a low-ticket sale.

The money came in. The person got the product (and the benefit). And then the person got invited to upgrade to our bigger offer.

…all before we’d even turned on our computer for the day!

And we want that for you, too.

Ready to make that happen?

Got a question?