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Instant Upgrades - Wake Up To Freedom

Instant Upgrades

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Add a “get extra support” option to your digital product & watch your low-ticket buyers spend an extra $200+ with a single click.

When we first started selling low-ticket templates, trainings, and workshops… 

  • we didn’t add any additional upsells to our low-ticket funnels
  • we didn’t do the pushy “WAIT - buy this limited time offer!!!” thing
  • and we didn’t even make a pitch inside our low-ticket offers

But it’s pretty tough to “keep the lights on” when you’re only selling $10 or $20 digital products.

So how do you build a system where low-ticket buyers instantly upgrade into $200, $500, or even $1000 offers — with a single click?

The truth is

There are a dozen ways to get people who buy a low-ticket product to spend more money in your business.

You’ve probably:

But after selling hundreds of upgrades just from low-ticket buyers saying “yes” to our Instant Upgrade invitations, we don’t recommend ANY of those things immediately after some buys your low-ticket products…

In fact, the traditional “ascension” model doesn’t work because:

  • you’re asking people to buy the next thing before they’ve even gotten a result from the first thing
  • you’re running an online business in 2024 and customers have gone “nose blind” to the typical upsell strategies

So what’s the key to getting the right buyers to instantly say “yes” to your next offer and invest an extra $200+ in your awesome work?

By asking low-ticket buyers one simple question:

“Do you want a little extra help with the product you just bought?”

(see how this feels totally different than pitching a brand new buyer on a big next step — like a traditional course, program, or membership?)

And if you want to create this same experience for your new buyers…

...we can show you exactly how to set up your own simple “Instant Upgrade” offer today.


Instant Upgrades

Add a “get extra support” option to your digital product & watch your low-ticket buyers spend an extra $200+ with a single click.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

(hint: it’s everything you need to set up a “get extra support” option for your digital product & start getting $200+ upgrades from your brand new customers)

Step 1

Your Upgrade Invite

We’ll help you come up with a support-based upgrade invitation that’s a total no-brainer for your low-ticket buyers. You’ll get to see multiple examples & ideas for different niches, plus we’ll give you tons of brainstorming prompts..

Step 2

Your Offer Format

We’ll show you how to “package” your upgrade offer into one of our 8 lightweight offer delivery formats. Good news: you won’t need to create any new content or spend weeks putting together a curriculum.

Step 3

Your Invitation

We’ll give you fill-in-the-blank templates and guide you through creating a super-simple invite page. Most people get this set up in less than an hour…which means your low-ticket buyers could be seeing this page oh-so-soon!

The Short Version

After watching the first video, you’ll already have an idea for a $200+ add-on offer that’ll have your low-ticket buyers saying “yes please”...

…and by the end of the training, you’ll be minutes away from clicking “publish” on your invite page & watching upgrades roll in. 

Get a sneak peek

Get a sneak peek


Instant Upgrades

Add a “get extra support” option to your digital product & watch your low-ticket buyers spend an extra $200+ with a single click.

Here’s what the templates & training inside Instant Upgrades will help you tackle in just a few days:

Hop in with confidence, ‘cause you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Here are the details about our money-back guarantee

This method works — but only if you take action.

So if you go through Instant Upgrades & add a “get extra support” offer to your digital product, we’ll take care of you.

In the rare circumstance that you follow the process and don’t see meaningful results within 60 days, send us an email. Show us what you’ve implemented and we’ll happily issue you a prompt refund. 

We will not issue refunds under any other circumstances. So please skip this offer if you do not intend to take action.

A final note from us

If you landed on this page and are still reading, it’s probably because you’ve created an epic low-ticket product — and now you want it to bring more profits & clients into your business.

And we want you to know…we created Instant Upgrades for you.

It’s for the person who’s tired of just making $27 sales when they have so much more to offer. It’s for the person who’s spent months trying to make their low-ticket funnel work. It’s for the person who’s ready for their low-ticket offer to finally open the doors to more clients & more freedom. 

We’ve spent the last 4 building low-ticket products, scaling them to thousands of sales, and finding high-integrity ways to upgrade our customers into bigger offers. 

And we’ve spent the last year putting our proven “Instant Upgrades” method into a step-by-step training that you can go through in just a few hours. Where you don’t have to worry about figuring out the tech, the offer, or the copy — you can simply follow the steps and start getting $200+ upgrades. 

Meaning: you’re just a few days away from publishing your invite page & starting your journey toward daily upgrades.

We can’t wait to open up our inbox and see an email from you — celebrating your first upgrade! — in a few weeks. 

Here’s to instant upgrades & well-served customers,

Justin & Sarah

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